Did Justin Bieber Just Disrespect Prince On Instagram?

Prince, the legend, died yesterday aged 57.

The music icon was found unresponsive in an elevator on his Paisley Park estate in Minnesota, days after being rushed to hospital with severe flu symptons.

The exact cause of death is still unknown, but as the news broke last night, tonnes of tributes poured in from fans and famous faces as the people mourned the loss of a superstar around the world.

Prince Tonnes of tributes have poured in mourning the loss of a musical legend


However, there was one celebrity who perhaps wasn’t as sensitive to the tragedy as he could have been, because Justin Bieber soon angered Prince fans with a poorly-judged comment on Instagram.

Just hours after Prince’s death was announced, former California Breed guitarist Andrew Watt posted an emotional tribute to the star on his Instagram page. 

‘Today waking up to this news I am truly beside myself…devastated…the last of the greatest living performers…my guitar idol…his connection to ALL his instruments yielded a sexual transcending aura and the world is just less f***ng cool without him walking on it… ‘ he wrote.

prince Prince died aged 57 yetsterday after being found in his Minnesota home


‘#RIPPRINCE’, he wrote at the end of his post.

Underneath, 22-year-old Bieber commented: ‘Well not the last greatest living performer.’

The comment soon provoked a tirade of angry criticism from Prince fans, who felt Justin’s remarks were insensitive and ‘disrespectful’.

‘Bieber is being disrespectful, an icon died he needs to be respectful!!’ slammed one fan, with many others begging him to delete his comment.

andrew watt musician tweet Guitarist Andrew Watt posted a tribute to the late legend on Instagram last night…


And we get that. But others felt that the Sorry singer’s comment was simply misinterpreted. ‘Just grow up everyone. Surely it should be pretty clear Bieber meant there are still great artists who are living to enjoy.’

And one person summed up our attitude to it all, by writing: ‘It’s sad that you guys makes this post about Bieber, when its all about the legend Prince.’

We couldn’t agree more. Rest in peace, Prince.

justin bieber Was Bieber being disrespectful or simply making a point?