What Left Justin Bieber ‘Mortified’ On Stage In Kansas?

Justin Bieber knows how to give it his all on stage – we mean, he is the man with the moves, right?

But last night during his concert in Kansas City, the singer took a bit of a tumble on stage that probably wasn’t part of his smooth guy plan.

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justin bieber falls over Justin’s slip was caught on camera…


During his performance of Sorry, Justin was filmed running along the stage to launch into an explosive dance routine when he slipped on water (it was fake raining at the time) and landed smack bang on the floor.

Poor Biebs.

To be fair to him, he got straight back up and continued on with the show without even missing a beat. See? He’s a total professional. (Watch it below)…

justin bieber falls over


However, rumours soon started swirling that Justin was ‘mortified’ over the fall and got pretty upset about the whole thing, especially as it was filmed and put on YouTube.

Thankfully, HollywoodLife has now rubbished the rumours, saying that JT is used to falling over, being a boistorous boy and all. 

justin bieber


‘Justin just brushed it off. He’s not upset or freaking out about it all,’ the source said. ‘He’s always having wipeouts on his skateboard in front of people. He’s like “who cares” because he’s into doing stunts and knows they aren’t always going to work out.’

Let’s just hope tonight’s gig is a pain-free one, eh?