Um. Justin Bieber Just Told Fans That He Has A Daughter

STOP EVERYTHING. Justin Bieber just announced that he has a DAUGHTER.

No, we’re not joking. He actually did this. On his official Instagram account. Whaaat?!

But before you start wondering what the bubba’s name is, what she looks like, who the mum is (OMG, we’d need to know)… Bieber wasn’t being entirely serious.

This was the photo that startled Beliebers


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Yep. The 22-year-old has well and truly tricked everyone, by posting a very cheeky caption on a photo of himself and a little girl.

He’d written: ‘My daughter…………………………………….,.,.,.,.,,. Just kidding.’

What. A. Tease


Flippin’ ‘eck, Biebs. Way to get our blood pressure up.

As expected, fans had a similar reaction to us. Comments included: ‘You scared me,’ ‘Ok, mini heart attack,’ and: ‘I thought it was true but then its not haha. I swear my mouth became letter “o”.’

And unfortunately, it seems as though some didn’t scroll down to the end of the ellipsis before panicking – and are still convinced Biebs is a proud new dad.

Justin Bieber certainly knows how to shock


One wrote: ‘Since when and who is the mother,’ while another said: ‘I can’t believe this [sic].’

Eep. Let’s hope things get cleared up for them soon…

So who is the baby in the shot? Well, nobody seems entirely sure. But what we do know is that it’s a super-adorable image.


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It shows a bleach blond Biebs gazing into the bubba’s eyes as he cradles her against his chest. The tot clearly already knows her angles, as she’s gazing expertly into the camera.

What a cutie, eh?! But next time you pick up a baby Justin, please lay off the jokes. Our health is at stake here.