What *Was* Justin Bieber Doing At The Billboard Awards?

Oh, Justin Bieber.

The pop sensation never fails to get people talking. And last night’s Billboard Music Awards was no different.

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It was a big night for JB. He took to the stage for an elaborate performance, reminding the world just how good his dance moves are. He also just so happened to scoop up the top male artist award.



The 22-year-old took a break from his Purpose World Tour to hit the music bash in Las Vegas. He performed hits Company and Sorry against a show-stopping light show. There’s no denying that he nailed it, but a few confused fans took to social media to question whether or not he’d been miming.

To be fair, guys, if WE had to pull out moves like that, we might just ask for a backing track too…



But it wasn’t just his on-stage antics that grabbed people’s attention. During Pink’s performance – which included a trapeze show – the audience was quick to point out an, erm, slight ‘scowl’ on Justin’s face.

The camera panned onto him whilst the pop singer was belting out her hit Just Like Fire, and viewers went into a frenzy at JB’s expression.



One tweet read, ‘Justin Bieber looked mystified watching Pink…like “oh, that’s how people sing live.” #BillboardMusicAwards’.

Oh dear…


And it didn’t end there, oh no.

When Jessica Alba strutted her stuff onto the stage (looking gorgeous, FYI), Justin Bieber decided to stand up.



He appeared to be the only one in the audience to get the memo, though.

At least he’s polite…