So Charlotte Crosby And Bear’s New Show Is Causing Controversy Already

During last night's debut episode of Just Tattoo of Us, one inking struck a big chord with viewers...

For most people, committing to a tattoo is a bit of a biggie. So when we heard about MTV’s latest TV show, Just Tattoo of Us, we thought that it might be a bit of a shocker for a lot of folk…

Why? Well, hosted by reality TV couple Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear, the show follows friends, couples and family members as they design tattoos for each other. But there’s a twist, as the tattoo isn’t revealed to the receiver until AFTER it’s been inked on them for life.


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Last night saw the debut episode, and it seems as though the participants really aren’t going to be playing the game half-heartedly. Whilst most tattoos were pretty harmless, one design really struck a chord with viewers.

Two cousins from Newcastle, Lauren and Sophie, came onto the show under the pretence of ‘playing a prank’ on each other.

Lauren explained that she’d planned for her inking on Sophie to ‘make a point’. And whilst the tattoo definitely did leave a big impression on the general public, we’re not sure it was such a good one…

The tattoo was a huge inking of the word ‘Slut’, which looked as if it had been branded into Sophie’s bum. Er.

And whilst we obviously do not condone this kind of language (because, c’mon, it’s 2017 people…), Sophie actually managed to see the funny side as she giggled at her new tatt.

However, following the big reveal, many viewers took to social media to share their thoughts on the inking. And, understandably, they weren’t all that positive.

One user writes, ‘Omg can you imagine someone tattooing slut on you, mortified watching this just tattoo of us… [sic]’

Charlotte’s former Geordie Shore co-star Nathan also took to social media to share his thoughts, writing: ‘WOW @justtattooofus WOW that’s all I can say WOW’.

We’d love to know your thoughts on the new show. Would YOU ever trust someone to choose an inking for you? Tweet us @lookmagazine. 

By Alice Perry