Just Do It! Why Nike Are Causing A Stir On Instagram

Sportwear favourite Nike are causing quite a stir on social media – for all the right reasons.

Promoting their new Pro Bra Collection that sees sizes extend to XL and 40E, @nikewomen have posted images of two non-average-model-size stunners on their Instagram page. And they have received a truly great response. 

Wearing bras from the new collection, model Paloma Elsesser and yoga instructor Claire Fountain received 70.9k and 62.1k likes respectively for their posts on the sportswear giant’s account. Showing off their gorge curves in stretching poses on location in New York, the girls prove you don’t have to be a size zero to model, or even wear a sportsbra. Shock, horror! And size diversity is what we all want to see going forward. One Instagram user commented: “Let’s hear it for the curvy, sexy, sporty women.” Hear hear.


What The Nike Logo Really Means


> Nike’s new bra collection on @nikewomen


Captioned with tips from Nike, the posts reads: “Welcome to Sports Bra 101. Fact (1 of 4): Most women wear a band too big and a cup too small. Raise your hands above your head. If the band comes up, you may need to size down.” And “Hold Tight. Fact (3 of 4): Sports bras are designed to take on more impact than regular bras – this is why the band of your sports bra should fit slightly tighter than your everyday bra. ” Helpful Nike, thanks!  Hands up who’s been wearing the wrong size? 

> Nike’s new bra collection. Picture from @nikewomen

The most shocking, and some what refreshing point about the whole thing? There is no mention of plus size or curve models in the posts at all. It’s just them, as them. No labels. “This is a great post and a big step towards true body equality” one Instagram user commented. Let’s hope so. 

Now about getting the right size for those sportsbras ladies …. Just Do It! 

By Leigh Williams