Did MIC’s Binky Felstead Cheat On Boyfriend JP?

Made In Chelsea fans were dealt a bombshell on last night’s episode. Because hang on. BINKY FELSTEAD CHEATED?!

The last time we checked, Binky and JP were happy as larry on the show, having finally moved past a few rocky patches from earlier in the series.

> Binky was seen telling her mum that she’d cheated on boyfriend JP


But in a sneak peek trailer for next week’s show, we saw plenty of tears from Josh Patterson aka. JP, as Binky revealed she had kissed another guy on a night out.

Binky was seen telling Mummy Felstead: ‘He broke up with me because I went out and told him I kissed someone’. Oh, Binks!

A devastated JP was then seen sobbing to friends Lucy Watson and James Dunmore, saying: ‘We’ve worked so hard to get to a place and she’s f***ed it.’ NOOO.

> A devastated JP was seen telling Binks: ‘I can’t forgive you for this’


Next, Binky was seen attempting to explain her infidelity by telling her man: ‘I wouldn’t have done what I’ve done if I was totally happy… I was obviously craving something.’ But let’s just say we don’t think JP will be forgiving this one…

Alarm bells rang last week when Binky uploaded a photo of her and a mystery hunk and changed the caption, leaving fans guessing about her and JP’s relationship status.

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> Eep! Are Binky and JP still together?


Binks uploaded a selfie of her and a handsome blonde chap called Harry and wrote: ‘Me and this one @hhelsby’.

Add to this the fact that JP wasn’t at a recent family birthday celebration with her mum and brother, which Binky also uploaded to Insta, and fans were obviously asking what was going on.

> Binky changed the caption on this photo of her and friend Harry…


‘Goodbye JP?’ questioned one fan. ‘Are her and jp still together’, question another.

Adding even more fuel to the fire is the fact that Binky changed her caption, which beady eyed fans quickly spotted.

>Instagram together for weeks"> JP and Binky haven’t been pictured on Instagram together for weeks


‘She changed the caption’, wrote one fan. ‘Omg yeah’, replied another. Sadly, we didn’t spot the original captio, but one MIC fan suggested it was slightly flirtier than the current one.

‘I’m not sure of the exact phrase but it did sound like they were dating by the caption’, they wrote. Ooh, scandalous!

> JP was absent from Binky’s recent birthday celebrations with her mum, mum’s boyfriend and brother


We guess we’ll have to keep watching Made In Chelsea to find out what’s really going on between JP and Binks, as the cast are always careful to avoid spoilers on social media.

Josh ‘JP’ Patterson recently got very honest about his relationship with Binky, though, just last month.

The Made In Chelsea lad took to Twitter back in April to reassure fans that he and Binks are still together – and that their romance is 100% real.

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As you’re probably aware, reality shows such as MIC are often accused of being scripted.

JP and Binky’s storyline hasn’t exactly managed to escape the speculation, with Tweets last year including: ‘I think Binky and JP must be fake for tv?’ and: ‘I like Binky but this fake storyline she has with JP is getting boring now.’

However, the pair are still together (and looking more loved-up than ever, may we add).



Luckily for JP, plenty of fans believe in him and Binks, with one messaging him yesterday: ‘LOVE you and Binky together. It can’t all be Disney romances – it’s far more realistic to wing it.’

Adorably, he replied: ‘Our relationship is real hence why you see the good and the bad. She’s my number 1 no matter what.’ Aw.

He then went on a bit of a Twitter spree. When asked if he’s ‘scared’ of Binky’s mum Jane, he replied: ‘No she’s a gem, I’m really close to her and the family. Binks and I are big family people.’

> Binky Felstead is very close to her mum Jane


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And when a follower mused: ‘Actually hope @Josh__JP and @BinkyFelstead will last and that he’ll treat her well, she def deserves it,’ he quipped: ‘Do I not deserve to be treated well?’

Course you do, JP! It goes both ways, right?