There’s Loads Of Drama Happening On JP’s Instagram Account?

If you watched this week’s Made In Chelsea episode, you’ll know that JP and Binky Felstead broke up.

It was all very dramatic, with plenty of tears and DMCs shared between the former couple. But the reaction from MIC fans is STILL happening over on JP’s Instagram account. And it’s actually pretty shocking.

In case you missed the episode, JP ended it with Binky because of her wild child antics (aka. she went on a night out with Louise Thompson and got drunk. Once). She later told him that she’d kissed another guy, but that was after JP had dumped her.

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In the episode, fans watched as JP told her: ‘It’s when you’re with these people who you call your friends you lose control. But when you’re with me, or you’re with my friends, you never go out of line.

‘It’s not about control. This is love – because I know who you are. I have your interests at heart.’

However, many thought that actually, it was exactly about control, and they’re making their feelings clear about JP on his Instagram account.

Just yesterday, JP uploaded a photo of himself looking broody as he leant against a railing, and wrote the caption: ‘The moment you get back from the supermarket and realise you’ve forgotten something.’

But instead of leaving comments about his photo, the section was soon filled with angry MIC fans berating him for his treatment of Binky. In fact, out of the 135 comments, 95% were Binky-related.

‘”It’s not control, it’s love” classic’, wrote one fan.

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‘If you truly liked binky you wouldn’t mind if she occasionally went out drinking, you obviously wanted her to be something she’s not’, another slammed.

Others went as far as to call him ‘abusive’ and a ‘control freak’. But others felt the need to calm the arguing down a little.


‘People need to chill! MIC isn’t real life! You can’t go around accusing someone of domestic abuse when we have no idea how much of what we see is a storyline’, one reasoned. 

‘So glad someone out there realises it’s just a TV show!’ another wrote.

Crikey. There’s nothing like a bit of MIC relationship drama to get people riled up, eh?