Josh Patterson Defends Girlfriend Binky Felstead For Those Cheryl Claims

Binks' loyal boyfriend stands up for her in the wake of some criticism online...

Made In Chelsea‘s Binky Felstead hit the headlines yesterday for her comments about Cheryl’s post-baby body.

In an interview with new! magazine, the reality star and new mummy reportedly said that the new photos of Chezza, who stayed out of the public eye following the birth of baby Bear up until recently, ‘isn’t real life’.

However, her beau Josh ‘JP’ Patterson has taken to Instagram to defend his girlfriend and the mother of their adorable baby girl, India.

‘This is probably one of the most ridiculous Insta stories I’ve ever done,’ the Chelsea lad said, chatting to his followers in an Instagram story.

‘Cheryl probably has absolutely no idea who Binky – or myself – is,’ he continued. ‘But it’s something I felt strongly about, and I told Binks it’s something I wanted to do a video on.’


Cheryl showed off her incredible post-baby body for the first time recently

He continued: ‘Binks recently did an interview and, by the looks of things, the answer has been manipulated. The one thing I really don’t agree with is when you can say something so minuscule and it can be completely fabricated into making a headline.’

‘I have been incredibly open about our frustrations with how much criticism women actually come under pre, during and post pregnancy,’ JP went on.

‘I can honestly say during that interview that there is no way Binks would be on her high horse criticising another mother, especially with her being one herself and going through exactly the same things as that person will be.’

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Clarifying what Binky really meant, he explained: ‘What Binks would have said – just to try and create a bit more of a realistic message to mothers out there – is that the reality is not every mother will be able to get themselves in shape like the next person.’

‘If Cheryl or Liam – big One Direction fan by the way – are even watching this then please don’t think for one second that Binky would say something like that. I actually think it’s commendable that you’ve managed to get yourself in that shape, and any other woman for that matter.’

And finally JP began to praise Binks in a totally adorable way: ‘You know what, she’s an absolutely terrible cook, but she has an absolute heart of gold and I love her to pieces and I know how much this article has upset her.

‘I’m sorry if my comments have offended anybody but it’s just something I felt passionate about.’

Erm, where can we find our very own JP..?