Jorgie Porter Wants YOU!

Jorgie Porter was one of our gorgeous front row celebs at The LOOK Show, and now the Hollyoaks star is lending her support to a new campaign.

She’s working with some fellow Hollyoaks stars, and designer Wayne Hemingway, as part of the NHS’s search for new blood donors. They’re particularly looking for donors between the ages of 17 and 24, as numbers in that donor age group have dropped. Can you help?

Wayne has designed some t-shirts to bring awareness to the campaign, and Jorgie and her costars are showing them off in some brand new ads. 

Jorgie underlined the reason she’s taking part: “I really wanted to support this appeal because giving blood is such an amazing thing to do.  Blood isn’t just needed when people have accidents – it’s also used to help treat health conditions including cancer and long term illnesses and in maternity care.  If someone you loved needed blood you’d want it to be there, so if you can donate then please do.”

Get more details right here, and maybe you’ll be one of the 100,000 new donors they want in the next 100 days! BS