Jorgie Porter Posts Furious Video After Co-Star Suffers Homophobic Abuse

The actress shared the incident with her followers...

Former Hollyoaks actress Jorgie Porter has taken to Instagram to share an incident involving her co-star and good pal Kieron Richardson.

In the video of herself and Kieron, Jorgie described what had just happened to them: ‘We’ve actually just witnessed some homophobic, horrible, horrible guys in a taxi that wanted to shout out horrible things to Kieron.’

Clearly furious, Jorgie continued: ‘I am so angry that this is actually happening, that this is real.’

‘It happens on a daily basis, Jorge’ Kieron confessed.

‘I am so shocked,’ Jorgie went on. ‘They’re still shouting stuff now.’

In a second video, Jorgie films the men in a vehicle next to them while both her and Kieron ask them if they’re okay.

Must not smile must not pout must look confused charity night with @gemmamerna @themissyporter

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And after asking what they were shouting at Kieron, the men in the car refused to answer, which Jorgie was understandably pretty unhappy about.

‘Oh, you’re not even brave enough to say it now, are you?’ she asked them. ‘You’re just so rude.’

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Alongside the two videos, Jorgie wrote the caption: ‘Having walked past a group of lads in the street screaming homophobic abuse at @mrkieronrichardson ! We did not want them to think they can get away with this so we pulled up along side them !!

‘You disgusting group of pathetic mush you cannot get away with this It’s a good job the rest of society has moved on !! And it’s just the small minded peanut d**k eads like you that need to dissolve 🙋🏼. [sic]’

Fans of both Jorgie and Kieron have been commenting on the video – which have been posted on Instagram by both the stars – to share their love, support and praise for how they handled the horrid incident.

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‘That’s Just a joke nobody deserves to be treated in such a manor it’s the 21st century people are different and I love that.. just ignore the haters Jorgie and Kieron Love you both 😍❤ [sic]’ posted one fan.

Another follower wrote: ‘People need to grow up!! A persons sexuality is there own business…. who are they to be so backwards and pass judgement!! Well done Georgie 🙌🏼xxx. [sic]’

We totally agree. Well done for speaking up about this issue, you two!