Love Island Viewers Get Vocal About Jonny And Theo’s Argument

Things got VERY heated in the villa last night...

Oosh. There was some serious beef on last night’s Love Island.

New lad Theo Campbell stirred up a WHOLE lot of drama when he attempted to win the affections of Montana Brown and Tyla Carr – who are both coupled up.

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Theo and Tyla on Love Island

Theo told Tyla she was ‘on his list’

Unfortunately for the Team GB athlete, the ladies told him that they were happy to stick with their men. However, this didn’t stop Tyla’s beau Jonny Mitchell from kicking off.

When Theo, 25, took him aside to talk about Tyla, Jonny raged: ‘You’ve been telling me all day you don’t want Tyla, so I’m a bit f***ing surprised to hear what you’re saying to her.’

Theo was clearly slightly taken aback by the confrontation, asking: ‘You’re not going to beat me up, are you?’

Theo and Jonny on Love Island

Things got heated between Jonny and Theo

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The other Islanders were also shocked by what they were seeing, with Olivia Attwood exclaiming: ‘It’s going off-ski!’

As Theo and Jonny argued, Montana’s partner Alex Beattie came over to back up Jonny’s story.

But despite many of the contestants supporting Jonny, viewers had a slightly different take on it. Some reckoned that Jonny, 26, deserved the heartache, after he brutally ditched Camilla Thurlow last week.

Jonny Mitchell and Camilla Thurlow

Jonny and Camilla split after an on/off romance

Tweets included: ‘Honestly I still want revenge for what jonny did to cam so theo can have tyla I don’t mind,’ and: ‘Jonny needs to shut his mouth he was snakey when he went with Camilla instead of Tyla #LoveIsland [sic].’

Others pointed out the VERY good point that Tyla could speak for herself, with one writing: ‘Alex & Jonny need to stop with this mentality that the boys are meant to ask if they want your girl. They’re not your property #LoveIsland.’

Another said: ‘If Tyler isn’t in to him it’s up to her to tell him not Jonny FFS 🤦🏼‍♀️its not the 19th Century! Asking a boys permission; Nah!!! Chill J 💁😇 [sic].’

And interestingly, a video has since appeared on Love Island‘s Facebook page, which appears to reveal what Theo really told Jonny about Tyla…

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