Is Jonny Mitchell About To Quit Love Island Over Tyla Carr And Theo Campbell?

The teaser for tonight's episode looks VERY dramatic...

Could Jonny Mitchell be about to walk away from Love Island…?

If you’ve been tuning in over the past few days (and if you haven’t, WHERE have you been?), the 26-year-old has been in a right ol’ tizz over new lad Theo Campbell.

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Theo and Jonny on Love Island

Things got heated between Jonny and Theo last week

We saw him have a war of words with Theo, 25, over his beau Tyla Carr on Thursday, before Theo dramatically chose her in a re-coupling on Friday night.

This led to ANOTHER fight, with the boys calling each other ‘b***ends’. Crikey.

Things seemed to have calmed down a bit yesterday, and Jonny and Theo actually seemed to have made up.

Jonny and Theo on Love Island

Things initially seemed to simmer between Jonny and Theo last night

However, tensions arose between Jonny and Tyla, with the two having a spat and Tyla admitting her feelings for him had gone ‘backwards’. And judging by a teaser for tonight’s episode, things are still pretty raw.

We see Jonny confessing that he needs to escape the villa due to the drama, admitting in the Beach Hut: ‘I literally feel like I’ve got nowhere to turn, it’s doing my f****** head in.’

He’s then seen chatting to Marcel Somerville, who tells him: ‘If you leave now…’

Tyla and Jonny on Love Island

Could things be over between Jonny and Tyla…?

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Appearing to talk about Tyla, Jonny adds: ‘I don’t think she’d give a f*** anyway to be totally honest with you.’ Awkwardly, we then switch to Tyla telling Theo: ‘I just get bored, I just don’t want my mind to wander elsewhere.’

After this, Jonny tells the camera: ‘I just need to get out of this place.’ Eeeeep.

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