So THIS Is How Jonny Mitchell Has Reacted To The Social Media Hate

It looks like Love Island's Jonny has deleted all his social media accounts, having spoken out about the hate from the public...

Love Island viewers waved a final goodbye to Jonny Mitchell last night, who proved to be an extremely controversial character on the show.

Viewers initially began to turn on Jonny after a row over feminism with the ‘nation’s sweetheart’ Camilla, but things quickly spiralled after Jonny ditched Cam’ and moved on alarmingly fast with Tyla.

Tyla and Jonny on Love Island

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Last night’s episode gave us enough drama to last us the rest of the week, as Jonny and Tyla were voted the two least popular islanders and subsequently had to decide between themselves which one of them was to leave the show.


When Jonny insisted he should be the one to go, little did he know that he would be coming back home to a LOT of mixed feelings, to put it lightly…


With the majority of viewers labelling Jonny as ‘the most hated’ in the villa, it was always clear that he would have a lot to face. And it seems as though he has deleted his Instagram and Twitter accounts, in the wake of the backlash.

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Tyla ended things with Jonny at Camilla’s birthday bash

Having been through a rough patch with Tyla over the past few days, it was a surprise to hear Jonny state that he would wait for her on the outside.

In an interview with The Sun, he revealed his confidence in Tyla: ‘I don’t think anything will happen with Theo, she’s made it perfectly clear that he’s not her cup of tea and I think I’ll be able to pick things up with Tyla when she gets out.

‘If that’s her position too and she reciprocates the same feelings when she comes out and she hasn’t gone off with anyone else, then yeah of course I would get back with her.’

Jonny Camilla

In his exit interview, Jonny still seemed in positive spirits, but admitted to having some regrets:

‘I feel very good about my Love Island experience, I’m so glad I did it. I had an amazing time, I met some amazing people and it’s definitely one of the highlights of my life so far.

‘I regret not coming out of my shell earlier on. It took me a little while to be myself in there and I do regret letting things get a bit on top of me at the end.’

Will Tyla stay loyal to Jonny? Only time will tell…

By Emily Jefferies