Former Islander Jon Clark Has An Opinion On Zara

Love Island veteran Jonathan Clark hasn’t been afraid to put in his two cents on the topic of this year’s islanders.

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Now he’s waded into the Zara Holland debate. And we have to say, it’s great to see one of the island’s originals sticking up for one of their own.

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The Sun brought on THE JONATHAN (sorry) to share his wisdom, and he revealed, ‘Things get heightened when you are in the house.

‘The littlest things are times ten, the biggest things are times a hundred.

‘You feel more about someone, your feelings are more than what they are.’


The 26-year-old famously fell for model Hannah Elizabeth on the show, and the nation fell in love with them in return.

Jon put a ring on it during one of the final episodes, but sadly they broke up later on after the series had ended.

Looking back on his own time, he continued, ‘It’s not that you are not completely aware that the cameras are on you at all times, but things happen and you have to deal with them.’

One of Jon’s most famous moments during his time on Love Island


On the subject of Zara’s Miss GB crown, which he hopes she’ll get back, Jon said: ‘She is supposed to be a role model and I completely get that.

‘But she’s a genuine girl bless her and I’d like to see her go back in.


‘The most important thing is that her mum is okay but also I am keeping my fingers crossed that she goes back.’

The producers have said that the door is open for her, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens…