Jon Clark Reacts To ‘Girlfriend’ Chloe’s First Love Island Kiss

This Love Island newbie doesn't seem popular with viewers after his kiss with Chloe...

Last night’s episode of Love Island saw new boy Chris stir things up a LOT as he made a play for three of the single girls.

After going on a date with Montana in which he tried to get seriously touchy, he set his sights on Camilla.

But it wasn’t either of these two ladies that Chris ended up locking lips with at the end of the episode…

After flirting up a storm with Jon Clark’s rumoured ‘girlfriend’ Chloe, the pair shared a bubbly date in the hot tub and subsequently shared a passionate (and uncomfortably loud) kiss.

Who saw this coming? 😘 #LoveIsland

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Immediately, we were all checking Jon’s social media accounts to see how the TOWIE star had reacted.

And despite holding back and not tweeting or posting anything on Instagram, Jon did favourite a fan’s tweet on the subject.

The viewer had written: ‘I actually can’t bring myself to watch chloe kissing chris on love island without me heart breaking for john blesssssss [sic].’

Poor Jon.

But it seems he wasn’t the only viewer unhappy with Chris’s antics.

Fans of the reality show really didn’t seem keen on him either, as they took to Twitter to blast the new Islander.

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One viewer made this comparison of the new lad: ‘Chris is that guy in the club who sais ‘you’re not fit anyway’ when you say you don’t want him to get you a drink [sic].’

Another highlighted how social media had turned on the newbie: ‘Twitter tonight is just the election and how much of a creep chris is on love island [sic].’

One viewer even described him as ‘cringe and desperate’… Ouch.

Others, like us, couldn’t help but be scarred by that SUPER loud kiss: ‘The sounds of Chloe and Chris kissing will haunt me for a long time.’

Many #TeamCamilla fans were shocked and angry when Chris ditched his ‘Capture Camilla’ plan and pursued flirty Chloe, raging: ‘CHRIS DIDNT CHOOSE CAMILLA I JUST SPAT OUT MY DRINK [sic].’

Another blamed the new Islander for not putting the work in for the reserved Scottish beauty: ‘It’s so telling how Chris went for Chloe instead of Camilla because he would actually have to put some graft in for her.’

Drama, drama, drama.

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But TONIGHT we will find out who’s coupling up and who’s being dumped from the island…

Eek! We can’t wait!

By Emily Jefferies