The John Lewis Christmas Advert Is Here!

Get your first look at the John Lewis Christmas advert 2016.


It’s here! The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived; we get a look at this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert. And you’re going to love it.

Turns out, those teaser clips were right- it’s all about Buster the Boxer. But rather than bring us all to the floor in racking sobs, the JL team has instead decided to bring the Christmas cheer.


So, what does the advert entail? We see a little girl, Bridget, going to bed on Christmas Eve while her dad is in the garden assembling her present: a trampoline. Then, as Bridget’s parents watch TV, we see a magical scene unfold in the garden. As Buster the dog watches from the window, adorable woodland creatures decide to test out the trampoline.


Two foxes, a squirrel, a badger and a hedgehog start flying through the air, as Buster looks on in envy. As morning arrives, however, Buster finally gets his turn on the trampoline, running out in front of poor Bridget and leaping on for a bounce.


Set to the song ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’, sung by British band Vaults, it’s fair to say we’re already obsessed. John Lewis has partnered with The Wildlife Trusts, too, in order to support some of Britain’s most beloved animals.


You can even get your hands on soft toy versions of all the creatures in the advert- including Buster- with 10% of profits going to The Wildlife Trusts. And, as from 8am on the morning of Thursday, 10th November, there will even be a Snapchat filter available for 24 hours, meaning you can transform yourself into Buster the Boxer.

These adorable guys will be available at John Lewis from £12

These adorable guys will be available at John Lewis from £12

Apparently, each JL advert requires planning to start in January, giving the team just under a year to make each Christmas spectacle. So intrigued were we by the process that we asked HQ to send us some of the facts and figures, to get an idea of what really went on behind the scenes…

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016: Facts and Figures:

Biff who plays Buster is a 4 year old boxer and the ad is his first acting job
The shots of the dad putting up the trampoline and reading the instructions are genuine attempts to put it up
There was a dedicated ‘snow siever’ on the set to sieve the snow
John Lewis is sending Summer, the actress who plays Bridget, a trampoline to arrive on Thursday 10th November  so she can keep on bouncing!
The set took 3 days to build
Filming took 5 days
The song was recorded in Abbey Road with a 70 piece choir and 66 piece orchestra

If you really want to immerse yourself in JL’s Christmas world, you could head down to the brand’s flagship store on London’s Oxford Street, where you can enter into the actual advert via virtual reality. You can even use Google cardboard in the store (or at home if you’re tech-savvy) to pretend you’re right there with the animals.

Stay tuned for the full advert, which we’ll have right here soon.



We don’t know about you, but it only feels like Christmas once the John Lewis Christmas advert has aired. And for 2016, we THINK we may have just have seen a first peek…

According to rumours, this 10 second clip posted to Twitter of an adorable bulldog watching a little girl bounce on a space hopper in the garden might be the first clip of this year’s highly-anticipated John Lewis Christmas ad.

Whilst it’s not yet been confirmed, the words #BounceBounce that flash up at the end are undeniably written in the John Lewis font. And that’s all the confirmation we need.

Even more mysteriously, the Twitter account that posted the clip haven’t posted anything else. Ever. And the handle is @bouncing2016, so it’s definitely been solely created this year for a very special purpose…


When Will It Air?

The John Lewis Christmas advert gone out on the first Friday of November for the last few years, but whilst everyone was putting their money on Friday November 11th, we’ve heard rumours that this year, John Lewis are going against tradition. The John Lewis Christmas advert for 2016 is expected to drop THIS week, reportedly in a Coronation Street ad break. Ooh….

What Can We Expect?

We’re not sure what the theme will be, but what we do know is that it’s almost guaranteed to make you sob (in a good way). And when we say sob, we mean sob. Like three-boxes-of-tissues-later-and-I’m-still-going sob. Stock up now or forever hold your peace. And there’s clearly a dog involved.

We. Can’t. Wait.

What Was Last Year’s Again?

Hugely hyped and hotly anticipated, the Christmas advert is always a tear-jerker and sure to get you in the festive spirit. Previous years have seen Monty the Penguin, the bear and the hare, and in 2012, a snowman.

As well as the characters, the soundtrack is always a big part of the advert, and we’ve had music from Lily Allen, Tom Odell and many more.

2015 was no different, with the JL Christmas ad telling the story of a little girl who spots a man on the moon through her telescope with music from songstress Aurora.

Now what?



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