Did Sainsburys Just Beat The John Lewis Christmas Ad?

It’s November which means we are officially allowed to talk about Christmas. Yay!

The red Starbucks cups are in, M&S have their mince pies in stock, and the Christmas adverts are about to take over our TV.

Each year TV channels are awash with festive ads, and while John Lewis’ is usually the one to really get us into the festive spirit, Sainsburys has been giving it a run for its money.

Yep, unlike John Lewis’ tear-jerking clip, the Sainsburys ad, Mog’s Christmas Calamaty, brings a little smile to our face.






Following popular children’s character Mog the cat, the ad sees the adorably cute pet save the day by inadvertently calling the fire brigade as his family’s Christmas goes up in flames.

It’s a very happy ending, though, as neighbours, friends and family come together to share their Christmas with the family.

As for John Lewis, the advert has the whole nation holding back the tears.

Last year we had the adorable story of Monty The Penguin (complete with his own Twitter account), and back in 2013 we got seriously emosh over the story of The Bear And The Hare.

> The 2013 ad

Plus who could forget 2012’s touching tale of the snowmen that fell in love, or 2011’s The Long Wait, which featured a cuter-than-cute boy who couldn’t wait for Christmas.

In the run up to its release, the new advert was shrouded in secrecy (natch), but Internet rumours pointed to its On The Moon theme.

Its own Twitter account also confirmed the theme…

> The internet has gone mad following Sunday’s teaser

Which one do you prefer? John Lewis or Sainsburys? Watch the full Sainsburys ad below..