So Things Got A Little Awkward For John Legend On The X Factor

The All Of Me singer had quite the reaction to X Factor's controversial act Honey G. And his wife Chrissy also had something to say on Twitter...

When John Legend appeared on the X Factor this weekend to coach the contestants, he didn’t try to hide how baffled he was by Honey G. Awks.

The rapper from North Weezy (that’s North West London, to the rest of us) seemed pretty happy about performing in front of John, but his raised eyebrows suggested he might have been less impressed.

On the results show the following night, host Dermot O’Leary asked John how he felt about adding Honey G to the list of rappers he’d worked with. ‘You’ve worked with Kanye, Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg, and now you can add Honey G to that list,’ he joked.

John tried his best to keep up with the joke, replying ‘I have to pinch myself.’

Someone who wasn’t hiding their confusion was his wife Chrissy Teigen, who’s known for telling it exactly like it is on Twitter.

She asked the question that’s probably on quite a few people’s minds, posting ‘What is a Honey G?’

She recently set her Twitter account to private, but for the 2.85 million people who can still see her tweets, she’s keeping up her on-point humour.

Honey G

The rapper, whose real name is Anna Gilford, has split opinion from the start. Some people have accused her of appropriating rap culture, but others have been won over.

Simon Cowell pleaded with her to ‘end this’ during her first audition (harsh!) but seems to be getting in with the Honey G vibes as the competition goes on.

Not everyone was happy with her being put through to next week’s shows. Some audience members booed when her name was announced, but Honey shouldn’t worry too much when she can count 50 Cent as a fan.

The rapper told the Daily Star that he’d ‘like to see her go far, at least she is bringing some happiness into the world. My message to her is haters always gonna hate, rise above it.’