Joey Essex And Stephanie Pratt’s *Very* Awkward This Morning Interview

Joey Essex and Stephanie Pratt got tongues wagging when they were grilled by Holly WIlloughby and Phillip Shcofield about whether they're dating...

Joey Essex and Stephanie Pratt have got everyone talking with their uncomfortable interview on ITV’s This Morning.

The Celebs Go Dating stars were on the sofa with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield to chat about how their dating life had been going since taking part in the show.

But it soon became clear that Joey and Steph might have been hiding something from the hosts…

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joey essex stephanie pratt

Joey and Steph were both *very* uncomfortable when grilled about whether they were dating…

When Holly asked Steph if she had managed to meet anyone special yet, Steph paused before replying that she ‘might’ have, but that it hadn’t been aired on Celebs Go Dating yet so she couldn’t comment.

Picking up on the hint, Phillip then brought up the fact that Joey and Steph actually attended the TV Choice Awards together earlier this weekend, and looked to be ‘more than friends’.

After alot of awkward pauses and giggling, Joey then admitted that ‘we did go on a date’, before adding: ‘And I did buy her a puppy.’

Um, what?! But when Holly tried to press him further on what this meant, and whether him and Steph were now an item, both Joey and Steph became extremely awkward, and refused to answer.

Joey then put his hand on Steph’s leg as the interview was ending, which Phillip quickly picked up on. ‘That was little bit bait’, Joey replied.

When Holly asked, ‘What does that mean?’, Schofe replied: ‘It means obvious’.

Cue a massive reaction on Twitter.

‘@thismorning @JoeyEssex_ @stephaniepratt if those two arn’t an item Ill eat my hat!’, one viewer tweeted.

‘@stephaniepratt has a good poker face but @JoeyEssex_cant keep still..They gona have beautiful babies with those blue eyes #thismorning’, another commented.

Whilst a third tweeted: ‘Oh my god that was so arkward on @itvthismornings @JoeyEssex_ and @stephaniepratt are deffo together!! #lovedup ???’.

Steph then followed up with her tweet of her own after the show, posting a simple emoji to sum up her feelings on Holly’s awkward grilling:

We LOVE this. Hot new couple alert?! We definitely think so.