Joey Essex Angered Viewers With His Remarks On BGMT

Joey Essex isn’t exactly famous for his wisdom. But the former TOWIE boy has landed himself in hot water for comments that he made on Britain’s Got More Talent last night.

Cabaret singer Danny dazzled the audience with a show-stopping rendition of the Rocky Horror Picture Show’s hit Sweet Transvestite. In true spirit of the iconic film, Danny dressed up in a sequinned skirt, a full face of make-up and a lot of glitter.

We have to say, he gave Frank N. Furter a run for his money. And we loved it.

Joey, who sat on the guest panel, was quick to shout out that he thought Danny had ‘bottle’, before elaborating, ‘I would never do that’.



By ‘that’, Joey was referring to the fact that Danny was ‘dressed as a woman’.

The reality star said, ‘That’s just strange though, isn’t it?’


Host Stephen tried to steer the conversation into a slightly less awkward place by pointing out, ‘that’s his act.’

But Joey didn’t really seem to understand, continuing, ‘Bit weird though, innit?’



Needless to say, social media had quite the reaction to Joey’s comments, and his name was soon trending on Twitter.

One wrote, ‘Joey Essex just said a man dressing as a woman is weird. Now there’s dumb and there’s just plain ignorant. #BGMT’.

Other comments included: ‘I can’t believe Joey Essex made a transphobic remark on live TV…’ and ‘@JoeyEssex_ needs educating on trans issues! Or just needs to stop and think!!’ [sic].

It’s hard to think that transgender issues could have escaped the Essex lad, with Demi Lovato raising further awareness at the Billboard Music Awards just this week.



Taking the stage in a t-shirt that sported a symbol for transgender bathrooms, the singer shed light on the national debate over the transgender community’s right to use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity.

We’re sure Joey Essex didn’t mean to offend anyone, but perhaps he should have thought about the impact his words might have had on different communities.