Did The Body Coach Joe Wicks Just Give Away That He’s Dating *This* Blogger?

Joe Wicks and blogger Rosie Jones' matching holiday photos form Necker Island have left fans convinced that they're now a couple...

Instagram fitness guru and everybody’s favourite Body Coach, Joe Wicks, has been busy making us all jealous with some seriously amazing holiday snaps.

But despite the cute tortoise selfies and incredible views of his once in a lifetime trip to Richard Branson’s Necker Island resort, it’s the identity of Joe’s travelling partner that’s got everybody talking.

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Tortoises everywhere ??☺️

A photo posted by Joe Wicks #Leanin15 (@thebodycoach) on


Although the ‘Lean in 15’ star has appeared in all of his holiday pictures solo, aside from a couple of Lemurs, fans have found themselves playing a game of spot the difference with some VERY similar snaps posted by glamour model, Rosie Jones.

As well as his usual work out videos (seriously, does this guy never stop?!), 30-year-old Joe first sent his 1.4millions followers into a frenzy when he shared a photo of two massage tables set up overlooking the gorgeous turquoise sea.

Massage settings on Necker island ???

A photo posted by Joe Wicks #Leanin15 (@thebodycoach) on

So who could the other table be for? A friend? Crew member? Or maybe Branson himself payed Joe a visit for a spa bonding session?

Well it didn’t take eagle-eyed fans very long to notice that model Rosie, 26, had posted EXACTLY the same photo on her own Instagram, as well as other similar pictures of her hanging out with tortoises and chilling on the same balcony. Hmm…

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Views ?❤️

A photo posted by Rosie Jones (@1rosiejones) on

The identical photos have fuelled even more rumours that the pair are dating after they were caught holding hands during a stroll around Richmond last month, and people are convinced the matching pics prove they’re together. One fan commented: “@thebodycoach definitely these two are dating. Both a Necker Island at the same time posting similar pics..!”

Whilst another asked Rosie: “Are you at necker island with @thebodycoach?”

And it seems like fans may just be onto something, as it was reported that the snaps taken in the British Virgin Islands were in fact taken by each other, a source told The Sun: “Joe and Rosie have been seeing each other for over two months.

“They have been trying to keep it quiet which is why they kept each other out of their posts on social media.

“But they are out on Necker Island as a couple. Rosie is actually the one taking the pictures of Joe and vice versa.

“They have had a perfect first holiday together. Joe’s been referring to it as a “celebration week”.”

The fitness favourite became a worldwide hit after releasing his 90 Day SSS Plan which has helped thousands of people lose weight with lean recipes and short HIIT workouts.

Joe was dating his former girlfriend, Caroline, for 11 years before the couple reportedly split in May this year due to Joe’s hectic schedule, but it seems he could now be off the market again.

Early Morning Yoga ?????

A photo posted by Joe Wicks #Leanin15 (@thebodycoach) on

Although neither one of the pair have tagged each other in their Insta post’s, they both look like they had an absolutely amazing time. Well it would be pretty hard not to with those kind of views.

By Naomi Bartram