Jodie Marsh Hits Out At Holly Willoughby Over ‘Girl Code’

It sounds like Jodie Marsh is still pretty peeved about her slot on This Morning yesterday.

The 37-year-old appeared on the show to chat to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield about her plan to seek out a sperm donor in America.

She’d explained: ‘I have had the worst luck when it comes to picking the right guy. Love is blind,’ before adding that she was back to ‘square one’ when it comes to having children.

> Jodie Marsh appeared on This Morning to speak about sperm donors


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However, she wasn’t impressed with how the conversation went. And now she’s shared a YouTube video entitled Was The Girl Code Broken Yesterday?, venting: ‘The fact is I didn’t feel like I had enough air time today.

‘I know they can’t give you more than the allotted eight minutes or whatever but I felt like my air time focused a lot on the past and who I used to be – and I’m talking 15 years ago – and not on the person I am today.’



She then went on to give a little more detail about her desire to become a mum. But while Jodie was clearly keen to speak out, it wasn’t actually the topic of discussion that got people talking yesterday.

Instead, viewers were focused on the fact that she had a smear of lipstick on her teeth – and that Holly hadn’t told her. Because, y’know, girl code.

> Eep. Jodie Marsh had a *bit* of a make-up mishap during her interview


Tweets included: ‘Shame on you holly for not saying something,’ and: ‘Maybe Holly could’ve told her she had lipstick all over her teeth before the interview ended.’

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Hmmm. Now, some eagle-eyed watchers have confirmed that Holly did tell Jodie, but not until the programme was about to cut to an ad break.

> *Should* Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield have told Jodie Marsh about the lipstick on her teeth?


Maybe that’s because she didn’t want to draw attention to it live on national TV?

However, in Jodie’s opinion, either Holly or Phil should have spoken out sooner. She continues in the vid: ‘I just wanted to turn today into a positive rather than dwell on the negative, rather than dwell on the fact that I had lipstick on my teeth and maybe someone should have told me.

‘I definitely would have told someone I was interviewing but maybe that’s just me.’



She’s also Tweeted: ‘Yeah [Holly] told me AFTER we came off air! And AFTER a terrible interview.’

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