JLS have offered up their final single before they officially split. Sob!

JLS Unveil Final Ever Single ‘Billion Lights’: LISTEN

JLS have debuted their final EVER single, BIllion Lights, marking the boys’ final musical offering before they officially bow out of the music business. Sob!

The boys – Marvin Humes, Aston Merrygold, Oritse Williams and JB Gill – dedicated their last ever song to their fans when they gave it its first play on Capital FM this morning.

“We want to say the biggest thank you ever!”, DJ Marv, who is moving on to become a TV presenter with his new job on The Voice, said as he introduced the track. “This is our final serving to you. JLS, Billion Lights. Love you.” 

JLS announced in April that they would be splitting up after their final album and tour. But it seems they’re determined to go out with a bang after six years in the biz, and the JLSters are already raving about the boys’ new club banger…

“I feel like Billion Lights is to show they’re going out on a high…They’re going out partying…just feel like were going to miss out..”, AstOfficialFans tweeted. Another fan posted: ‘Love “#BillionLights it has to go number one for our boys JLS deserve this So much.”

We’re getting a little emotional just listening to it – after all, there’s no denying there’s going to be a HUGE JLS-shaped hole in our lives once the boys bid us goodbye. 

Check out their final ever single (out November 10) below and let us know what you think!

By Robyn Muns

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