JLS Split: 10 Things The LOOK Team Will Miss About The Boys

JLS have called it quits after five whole years together. While we have a sob and a sing song to Beat Again (heartbeat actions and all), come and have a read of the ten things our team will miss about the greatest X Factor runners-up of all time (after One Direction, obvs). Bye bye, boys! It’s been emotional…

1. “Marvin’s hott bod! Oh and their harmonies, too!” – Victoria Adegboyega, Senior Picture Researcher. 

2. “What on earth are we going to do without Aston’s back flips? You know, the party trick he performs in every video and on every TV show. Let’s start a ‘Save The Back Flip’ campaign right now! – Devinder Bains, Features Editor. 

3. “They were genuinely nice boys. I did their first big cover shoot when I was working at Sugar, and the next time they saw me a couple of months later, they all shouted my name and climbed into the press pen to give me a hug.  Was very embarrassing, but awesome.” – Lucy Vine, Deputy News Editor. 

4. “I’ll miss them serenading us on photo shoots! We photographed them twice for interviews in the mag and on both occasions they sang to us while we were styling them. Amazing.” – Maxine Eggenberger, Freelance Junior Fashion Assistant. 

5. “Aston did a back flip and went flat on his face at a Capital FM Summertime Ball once, I miss that the most…” – Lara Lain, Marketing Executive. 

6. “I’ll miss their kisses. They are such polite boys. So much so that they shower you with kisses when you meet them. After applying lashings of fresh lipstick to interview them, halfway through the interview Marvin turned to Oritse and said: “Mate, you’ve only been to Nando’s today, how the hell did you manage to get lipstick all over your face?” Oopsie.” – Rebecca Martin, Online News Writer. 

7. “I have a friend who looks just like Marvin, and night’s out just won’t be the same without drunk singing JLS songs down the phone to him at 2am – though I won’t miss him hanging up on me.” – Hannah Gale, Online Fashion Assistant. 

8. “I will miss interviewing them. They’re easily the nicest boys in pop, they always gave 100% to the shoots they did for LOOK and never failed to give good chat and flirt their socks off in interviews (yes you, Aston!)” – Gemma Calvert, Entertainment Editor. 

9. “I will miss wondering how JB’s head is perfectly round.” – Susie Verrill, Online & Social Media Assistant. 

10. “It’s true I’m not the biggest JLS fan in the world (I know, I know!) but one thing I’m definitely going to miss now they’re breaking up are their amazing matching outfits. Remember the pastel polo shirts they wore for their first audition on The X Factor? The coloured jackets they favoured throughout the show? JLS have pulled off more matchy-matchy ensembles than a set of newborn quadruplets and we love them for it!” – Lauren O’Callaghan, Online Assistant.  

By Rebecca Martin, 24th April 2013 

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