So Jesy Nelson Has Unfollowed Her Fiancé Jake Roche On Instagram

NOOO. What does this mean for the Little Mix singer...?

We have some very, very concerning news about Jesy Nelson and Jake Roche.

It looks as though Little Mix’s Jesy, 25, has unfollowed her fiancé on Instagram. And all we can say is… WHAAAAAAT?

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Jesy Nelson is no longer following Jake Roche on Instagram...

Jesy Nelson is no longer following Jake Roche on Instagram…

Eagle-eyed fans have noticed that while Jesy is still following Jake’s Rixton bandmates Danny, Charley and Lewi, he’s no longer on her list.

This comes days after Jesy missed Jake Thirlwall’s Halloween party, and 24-year-old Jake deleted a few pictures of them from his page.

As expected, fans are going a teeny bit crazy. Tweets include: ‘Omg what happened with jesy and jake,’ ‘Jesy was so damn happy when she was with jake omg please don’t let them break up jsjssjs,’ and: ‘I highkey hope jakesy didn’t breakup and that’s not bc I like jake, I don’t have an opinion on him but he made jesy really happy #deep [sic].’

Others are trying to stay positive, with one pondering: ‘Don’t be alarmed but Jesy is no longer following Jake on Instagram. Could be a glitch/accident as she still follows his family/band x.’

Another says: ‘No pictures with Jake in them have been deleted off Jesy’s Instagram though so i’m just gonna try and stay chill [sic].’

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@jake_rixton "I forgot to put the potatoes in the oven" 🙍🏻❤️

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This is true. Jake does still have photos of Jesy on his profile, although the most recent one dates back to her birthday on 14 June.

Meanwhile, Jesy last uploaded a snap of her man in September. Hmm.

And we just have to point out the fact that Jesy unveiled brand new hair today, in the form of waist-skimming auburn lengths.

Of course, she looks INSANE. But we can’t help feeling a little worried that this could be a case of a break-up re-style.

We’ve got our fingers crossed that it’s not.