Jesy Nelson On Why She’s The Odd One Out In Little Mix

Jesy Nelson hasn’t had the easiest of rides over the past few months. In fact, she’s had Little Mix fans a little worried about her status in the band.

First, there was the mystery illness that led her to pull out of the girls’ Get Weird tour. Then, she was seen crying on stage, and then she hurt her ankle and as a result, was missing from Little Mix’s performances in Kuala Lumpar.

Hmm. So, what’s going on with the 24-year-old? Well, she was asked just that. And she’s admitted that she does feel separate from the band in many ways… Oh, Jesy!

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> Jesy gets honest about how she’s the odd one out in the group


Speaking to Now about how the girls can sometimes grate on her on tour, Jesy said: ‘I love them to pieces but because I’m the older one in the group I just feel like I’m turning into an old woman.’

‘I love peace and quiet. We just had a break from the tour and all I wanted was to go somewhere no one would find me, so me and Jake [Roche, her boyfriend] found a random little place and got a boat out and did lots of hiking and stuff.’

> Jesy was spotted crying on stage earlier this year


Adding that she gets super homesick as she’s ‘just really, really, close to my family’, Jesy added that she’s not distancing herself from the group on purpose, she just has different interests to her bandmates.

‘No – I’m just different’, she confessed. ‘When we go out on tour the girls want to go clubbing – like, Leigh loves going to mad parties and Vegas – but I literally just want to chill, be a tramp, wear no make-up, have no one know who I am and just hide away for a bit.’

Aw. We can totally get that.

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> Jesy admits that the rest of the girls love partying whilst on tour, but she doesn’t


‘I feel that as I’m getting older I’m becoming a little recluse’, she added. ‘I’m really turning into an old lady! I like walking and heading out into the countryside. While they’re all partying, I’m doing the complete opposite.’

But Little mix fans don’t need to worry yet, as bandmate Jade Thirlwall recently stated that the band would stick together for years to come, despite having been in the industry for five whole years now.

> Jesy says she prefers quiet nights with fiance Jake Roche


‘We have high ambitions and we’re not going to stop until we reach every goal and know we tried everything to be the biggest we could be,’ Jade told Singapore’s The Straits Times. ‘We get along really well and like one another’s company. It’d be weird if we weren’t together all the time.’

Thirwall added: ‘We’re just going to keep going forever, hopefully.’

> Jade insists that group will be together ‘forever’