People Are Being So Unfair To Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson Right Now

The singer's Sunday Brunch appearance sparked a huge conversation online. Who knew a bread roll could cause so much agg...

This weekend’s Sunday Brunch featured the girls from Little Mix and due to the recent speculation about her engagement to Jake Roche, all eyes were on Jesy Nelson.

It had been reported that Jesy and Jake had called it quits after she was spotted without her engagement ring on for two weeks. She also unfollowed Jake on Instagram, and he posted some odd updates too…  Shady?


Although Jesy later attempted to silence the rumours by speaking out in defence of her relationship, people were quick to point out that, whilst appearing on the breakfast show, Jesy was sans engagement ring.

It looks like she opted for a ring on every finger – but in the place of her engagement ring she wore a chunky silver one instead.

What does it mean?!

However, Jesy’s engagement WASN’T actually the hot topic of Twitter, as Jesy seemed to attract more attention by cutting a bread roll.

Errr. Okay.

Yup, viewers were left absolutely reeling after Jesy shakily cut the bread.

The girls did admit they had a boozy one the night before, which may of been the reason behind the less than razor sharp bread slicing.

While we admit the cutting wasn’t something Mary Berry would be proud of, we didn’t think it was THAT bad and definitely wasn’t worth getting angry about.

We mean, come on guys!

However luckily, some viewers saw the funny side of their apparently hungover appearance.

It’s not quite clear WHAT is going on with Jesy and Jake, but in a recent interview with Idolator, she said ‘It’s funny, because when my fiancé proposed to me, he’d never done it like, ‘We’re getting married tomorrow.’ He felt like when he called me his girlfriend, it wasn’t enough.

‘He felt like it really undermined our relationship, and he loved the fact that – I don’t know, he loved the fact that he can say I’m his fiancée instead of just girlfriend, and I love that. I think it’s really sweet.

‘We’re in no rush. We want to travel the world together. There’s so much we want to do together, and at the moment, we’re focused on our own careers that there just isn’t time’.

Jesy then added, ‘We’re very much in love, and we’ll do it when we feel the time is right’.

We’re glad the couple are not rushing their weddings plans and are rather focused on making memories together.

By Catherine Delves