This Is How Jesy Nelson’s Dealing With THAT Episode Of TOWIE

Chris Clark met up with his ex Amber Dowding on last night's show...

It can’t have been an easy few weeks for Jesy Nelson.

The Little Mix singer, 25, split from The Only Way Is Essex‘s Chris Clark earlier this month, after a whirlwind romance.

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chris clark jesy nelson

Jesy Nelson split from TOWIE’s Chris Clark last month

Then on yesterday’s episode of TOWIE, Chris got mushy about his ex-girlfriend Amber Dowding – which Jesy could have found pretty upsetting.

Talking about Amber’s recent hospital admission – and his visit to her – Chris told pal Myles Barnett: ‘So, I am now single and I see Amber… I see her at the hospital. She was quite ill. So I messaged her on Twitter and just said: “I didn’t like seeing you like that. I hope you get better.”

‘Despite what’s gone on, her being in my life makes me happier. That’s the bottom line. I feel like if I kept putting that to the back of my head, two or three years down the line if she didn’t find anyone else I would regret not doing stuff like this.

Amber Dowding and Chris Clark

Chris Clark paid his ex Amber a visit on last night’s TOWIE…

‘At the end of the day, I’m a human being, I do have feelings, and I do care for the girl. I always have done, and I always will do. I think these past weeks make me realise that I thought I was over her, I did think that. And maybe I’m not so sure no more.’

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‘These past weeks’? Is he referencing his time with Jesy? If so, it’s not exactly the most sensitive way to put it…

But it seems Jesy’s determined not to react. Instead of talking about the show on her social media pages, she’s simply shared photos and videos from what looked like a chilled weekend.

Ahead of yesterday’s episode, she captioned a clip of herself in a boxing class: ‘I mean I had no bloody idea what I was doing but I’ve never had so much fun in me life 🙈 💪🏼.’

Of course, at this point, only the previews had aired. So we’ll wait and see if she has anything to say about the actual programme…