Jessie J shaved her head for Comic Relief on Friday

Jessie J’s Shaved Head: We LOVE Her New Look!

Jessie J very bravely shaved her head on Friday night for Comic Relief and we can’t believe how amazing she looks!

LOOK beauty writer Samantha Freedman says: “If there’s one lady who can pull off a shaved head it’s got to be Jessie J.

“Not only has she got the perfect shaped head (that’s a lot harder to come by than you’d think) she has the most amazing cheekbones, which her new crop shows off completely. If we all looked this good laid bare hairdressers would be out of business!”

And we’re not the only ones who are loving her new ‘do with LOOK readers telling us how awesome Jessie J‘s looks on Facebook and Twitter.

“She’s beautiful” commented Reanna D Stovell on Facebook. “She totally pulls off the bald look and it’s awesome that she did it for charity!“.

“@lookmagazine she looks stunning. Rockin’ Sinead O’Connor look from the 90s” — Rachael Mallett (@rachiemallett26) March 15, 2013.

Erika Davis agreed on Facebook saying: “I think it looks fab and will look even better when the stubble starts to grow a bit.”

Looks like this is just another amazing chapter in Jessie J’s hottest EVER hairstyles. The Domino singer is so inspirational she’s go us reaching for the hair clippers… well, almost.

Watch Jessie J revealing her new ‘do on Comic Relief below…