Jessie J’s Second Album Sounds Amazing, Daley Tells LOOK

Jessie J has introduced us to all sots of amazingness – her music, her style, and now her very talented pal – Daley.

The 23-year-old singer and songwriter from Manchester has teamed up with Jessie J for his debut single Remember Me, and spoken exclusively to about when he met Jessie, how they’re working together, and why her second album is “amazing”…

LOOK: Hi Daley! We love the track, how did you get Jessie J involved?

Daley: When I first moved down to London from Manchester, neither of us had been signed and we were both just doing the rounds. We were performing at all these showcases and open-mic nights and we were on the same bill for a couple of those – that’s how we met – and we just kept in touch. Jessie then obviously just blew up.

I was writing my album and we’d been saying for ages that we wanted to work together, so when I did Remember Me I just got in touch with her about it and asked if she wanted to have a listen. I didn’t hear back from her for a couple of months – she’s quite busy! I kind of wrote it off and then about three days before it went out to radio she dropped me a text saying: “Yep, I like it – let’s do it tomorrow”. So we just went to the studio and recorded it.

She’s been really, really supportive. To have her now singing on my first proper single is just a really nice feeling.

Tell us about the video – we’re obsessed with Jessie’s leather dress!

The video was a lot of fun. Jessie kind of left it to me as she was busy in the States finishing her second album. I’m really involved with my videos, so I had an idea of how I wanted it to look. I wanted this beige colouring, and for everything to be quite dark and black and white. So I worked on that with the director. Jessie knew what I wanted and picked out what to wear.

We were meant to shoot over here but we went over to LA, where Jessie’s based right now. It was good fun, we messed around a lot on set, then the next day we went to the Six Flags Magic Mountain Theme Park and just rode around on rollercoasters all day.

That sounds so fun! Did you get papped?

We went unnoticed actually. We didn’t get photographed at all!

Did Jessie give you any advice on set?

The directors wanted us to be natural and have fun with it. It was my first video for a single so I was a bit nervous but Jessie is a complete pro, so was really good. She made me forget the cameras were there. She told me to just have fun with it. She gives me advice on vocals and on dealing with industry people. She doesn’t take any prisoners so it’s good to have her as a friend.

Are you looking forward to seeing her on series two of The Voice?

I find TV talent shows a little bit frustrating to watch. It’s more for TV than it is about the music, so I don’t really watch it. I saw Jessie on The Voice a couple of times and she was really good! I haven’t watched The X Factor at all though.

What’s next for you after the single’s released?

I’m finishing the album off at the moment, it’ll hopefully be ready February/March next year, then I’m hoping to do another support tour, and then a few dates of my own. There’ll be another single released before the album comes out.

We can’t wait to hear it. And finally, did you get to hear anything from Jessie’s second album? We know she’s working on it pretty hard in LA right now…

She played me a couple of tracks from her new album – I’ve had a sneak preview and it sounds amazing.

‘Remember Me’ by Daley, featuring Jessie J ‘ is out on 9th December. RM