Jessie J’s Second Album Is Set To Get Stuck In Our Heads

Jessie J posted this pic of herself rocking some bright red lipstick and her trademark Jessie necklace yesterday from LA, where she’s recording her new album.

Desperate to hear some of her new music? Well, her BFF Holly is someone we’re so jealous of right now, as she’s getting all the info on the new record!

Jessie‘s time in LA has been spent recording new tracks, collaborating, enjoying a theme park or two, and dreaming about Ryan Gosling, as well as hanging out with her best pal.

The singer tweeted that Holly knows her new music REALLY well, after a fan asked if she’s heard any of the new music:

“Yeah she knows all the words already lol”

Stuck in her head already?! We can’t wait to hear it ourselves! BS