Jessie J’s ‘Nice To Meet You’ Book: A Sneak Peek!

Jessie J is whizzing around London today promoting her new book ‘Nice To Meet You‘ which has just hit the shops. Some keen fans actually camped outside Waterstones in Piccadilly Circus last night for a chance to meet the singer. Earlier today, the star tweeted a snap of herself with a cute teddybear iPhone cover, with the words, ‘Bear with me”. Aah!

We’re lucky enough at LOOK to have been sent a copy of Jessie’s book – and we can confirm that it’s a great read! Want to hear a little snippet?

Jessie talks about her rise to fame from her first words right up until she took to her throne as a judge on The Voice. Here goes… you won’t be disappointed. 

“The very first words I spoke were ‘jam hot’, from the Beats International song ‘Dub Be Good To Me’. I was just over a year old apparently. My sisters would constantly sing it to me, so I just picked up on the easiest bit to sing back.

“Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam hot!

“Although I loved singing and dancing when I was really young, art and acting were initially my main passions. I loved art and drawing and even now I find it relaxing to sit down and draw – it helps me focus my mind a bit and switch off from everything. I loved acting and playing a character. It was always so interesting to me, to step intuit he unknown and let all my inhibitions go and be someone else for a bit. Especially when I was younger and unwell, it would help me forget. 

“They still fascinate me now – films, plays and character building. I was always singing and dancing because I genuinely loved to entertain and make people happy from a young age. I watch home videos and I didn’t ever stop running around, making whale noises and pretending to be a television. Normal child stuff? Maybe not…” RM

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