Jessie J’s New Track Crazy ‘Bout You Leaked Online

Jessie J has been laying low recently, as she works on her second studio album in LA. But there’s no fun in that – we miss her. So you can imagine our excitement when we heard that one of her new tracks has leaked online. Yay!

Jessie tweeted about the track ‘Crazy ‘Bout You‘ shortly after the leak to explain songwriter Diane Warren’s involvement.

She said: “So… 🙂 @Diane_Warren was asked to write the leading soundtrack song for a new movie called #SilverLining and so…

“Then.. @Diane_Warren asked me to sing It for the movie *happy dance* obvs I said yes :D.

“So #crazyboutyou is for the new Hollywood movie #SilverLining and I am singing the soundtrack song that @Diane_Warren wrote.”

Got it? We’re obsessed with the song already, and it’s made us super-excited for the film, Silver Linings Playbook, which is released in cinemas on 21 November. Even better news, is that it stars Bradley Cooper (yum) and Jennifer Lawrence (amaze).

Jessie added: “I must break it to you all this song isn’t supposed to be out yet its been leaked. So all your q’s I have no answers too at the moment.” (sic)

That’s OK, Jessie. We think that’s enough excitement for one day… RM