Jessie J Works It Behind The Scenes On Her New Video

Jessie J isn’t someone you could ever accuse of being a layabout, and these new snaps from the set of her latest video prove just that. The singer posted this shot on Instagram of her doing a dance routine, wearing a baggy T-shirt over the top of a gorgeous cut-out leotard and killer boots.

The star has also been rocking her shaved head with confidence and really works it in the new vid, directed by big shot video producer Emil Nava. Jessie is enjoying keeping us in suspense about her new single and recently posted on her blog that she’s fed up with the lack of mystery in the biz. She said: “Mystery is so rare now. Most music is leaked these days. I am enjoying the build up to my second album. It’s as exciting as the first time round. I want to remember every second of it. Enjoy it with me. Enjoy the tease, the mystery, the build up…”

After the shoot, she tweeted a picture of herself looking a little tired, but still gorgeous in a pair of sunnies, saying: “16 hour shoot! That’s a wrap! Wow! I feel amazing!”
Amazing is probably not how we’d be feeling after a dance workout that epic. We feel tired just looking at you, Jessie!

By Lucy Hancock, 1 May 2013.

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