Jessie J Working With Titanium’s Sia On Second Album

Jessie J is busy working on her second album – and it sounds like it’s set to be even better than her first!

If your summer soundtrack included the David Guetta hit ‘Titanium‘, then you’ll be pleased to know that Sia, who featured on the track, is now working in the studio with Jessie J. Songwriter Diane Warren gave the game away, tweeting: “Jessie J is f*cking singing her ass off right now!!!”

While Jessie added: “Stargate + Sia + me + studio + writing + production + singing + living #livingthedream.”

Sia also features on David Guetta’s current hit She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) and wrote Rihanna‘s number one hit ‘Diamonds‘. 

Jessie’s set for a busy 2013 – what with the release of her album, a tour and series two of The Voice. We can’t wait! RM