Jessie J To Collaborate With Trey Songz?

Jessie J could be collaborating with Trey Songz in the near future. The rapper had admitted that he wants to make sweet music with the Domino singer, telling Capital FM her voice is “phenomenal!”

He also said he loves spending time with her. In fact, if we didn’t know any better we’d say that Trey appears to have a bit of a crush on Jessie. He said: “I love Jessie J’s voice. I wanna work with her very soon. Her voice is so phenomenal and she’s funny as hell too. I don’t think people know how hilarious she is.” He then added: “She’s great. I look forward to working with her.”


Jessie is currently in the studio working on her second album. And it sounds like Trey is going to do everything in his power to get in there with her. 

He added: “Jessie, what’s up baby. I’m here – I’m in your town,” he declared. “Holla at your boy, what’s going down let’s make a record.”

Watch this space! RM