Jessie J has revealed her make-up tips in her first book

Jessie J Shares Her Make-Up Tips In New Book ‘Nice To Meet You’

Jessie J‘s autobiography has just landed on our desk – and we can confirm that it’s a brilliant read!

Jessie’s first book, “Nice To Meet You” is released this Thursday, 27th September. And aside from some great gems from her childhood, plus all the info on her rise to fame, Jessie also lets us in on a few of her beauty secrets.

Being the nice bunch we are, we thought we’d let you in on a few of them…

1. Jessie says: “Wash your make-up brushes every few days to get rid of residue that you might end up re-applying to your face (YUCK!). You can use shampoo to clean them, and then put your brushes and your make-up bag into a clear, clean bag so it’s easy to find everything.

2. Jessie says: “Coconut oil is great for your hair and really cheap. Leave it in overnight and then wash it out properly in the morning.”

3. Jessie says: “Always wear a slightly lighter shade of foundation if you add bronzer so you are the same colour as your body and not two or three shades darker.”

So there you have it! We’ll bring you more gems from Jessie’s book soon… in the meantime, check out her best red carpet moments in our video, then have a scroll through Jessie J’s life in pictures – from tot to superstar! RM