Jessie J Reveals Jam Sessions With Adele

Jessie J and Adele were famous schoolmates at the BRIT School in London, and Jessie has revealed they used to spend lunchtimes together!

In her new autobiography, Nice To Meet You, Jessie writes that watching Adele‘s rise to fame was very useful. The book’s being serialised in the Daily Mail – here’s the section where she talks about Adele:

“I didn’t feel my singing had been encouraged at the local secondary school, but when I auditioned for The BRIT School for performing arts in Croydon, I fell in love with the freedom of it all. I was so happy when I got in. I was ready to work hard and learn more about what I loved. I had all sorts of friends. I knew Adele; we were in the same year. We used to hang out at lunchtimes and have a little jam. We’d sing songs we’d written or perform whatever we were working on. When Adele started to take off – BRIT old girl Amy Winehouse was already huge by then – it was amazing to have the opportunity to watch and learn.”

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