Jessie J Reveals Hasty Behind The Scenes Talks With The BBC

Jessie J‘s involvement in The Voice series two has been the subject of a lot of confusion lately, but she’s now revealed the details of exactly what happened.

First, it was reported she wasn’t taking part, then she said she is, before admitting that her own autobiography Nice To Meet You says that she won’t be returning.

While talking to Alan Carr – in an interview that airs on Chatty Man tonight – she cleared up exactly what happened:

“My tour dates and the dates of The Voice clashed, so I said: ‘I need to prioritise my tour and my fans.’ I was really gutted so I called the head of the BBC and said ‘Can we talk about this? I don’t feel right.’ 

“I didn’t want to miss out, so I sat with them and we looked at the dates and we jigged things around and I was then able to do it.”

Could she shake things up for series two? Well, Jessie also said that she’d prefer it if the show didn’t look into emotional backstories X Factor-style:

“I am not a major fan of the whole back story and ‘Let’s all feel sorry for everyone.’ It is a bit like: ‘Been there, done that, seen that.’ Isn’t it about the voice? I might get in trouble for this…”

We’re looking forward to seeing if the show takes her advice… BS

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