Jessie J On Shaving Her Head: I’m Ready

Jessie J has revealed the exact date for her huge hair transformation for Red Nose Day 2013 and told her fans: “I’m ready”. 

The Domino singer will officially say goodbye to her gorgeous locks on 15th March. She said on Twitter yesterday: “I am SO hyped for you all to be able to join me in doing DARES to raise money for @rednoseday.”

Jessie is encouraging her fans to donate money to the cause and to take part themselves by becoming one of the charity’s “fun raisers” and taking part in various dares.

The star, who returns to BBC1 on series two of The Voice this Spring, will have her head shaved LIVE on Comic Relief in front of millions of people. 

In a new video to promote the dare, Jessie clings to her famous shiny bob while a hairdresser stands behind her armed with an electric razor.

She says: “I’ve decided I’m going to be shaving off my hair. What ifs… no biggie… I may look like I’m related to Phil Mitchell, yes. So what, I couldn’t care less.

“So what if people say ‘urgh Jessie, I’m not going to buy your music now that you look like the bloke who delivered my fridge freezer. I’m not going to follow you on Twitter’, I’m just going to be my own friend.

“I’m ready… I am gonna do it. Watch this space.” Eek! Stay tuned for updates… RM