Jessie J Makes Us All Misty-Eyed

Jessie J is set to perform her last full set of songs from her Who You Are album tonight at the iTunes Festival, and she took the opportunity to thank her fans for all their support since its release.

She addressed all her followers on Twitter this morning, and promised hundreds of gigs for her second album, writing:

“I want to say THANK YOU to every single person who has come to watch me live in the last 2 years to see me sing songs from ‘WHO YOU ARE’ Your support, generosity, love, banner making, loud cheering, camping outside, screaming, high jumping, singing along to every word… T shirt wearing, fan book making, laughing to my bad jokes, has NEVER gone unnoticed. The love in my heart for my fans in unconditional.

“Album two will be 100’s of gigs, I know you all will make it as special as the first album. We are on a journey 🙂 Tonight is a big night. Thank you for sticking with me through it all. Music brings people together. Love the people you have in your life BUT play the music LOUD! You really have made my dreams my reality… I am so grateful you all believe in me ♥”

Is anyone else feeling a bit misty-eyed? Have a great gig tonight, Jessie! BS