Jessie J Looks HOT In The Voice Series Two Promo Pic

Jessie J has got us seriously excited about series two of The Voice today in a brand new promotional shot for the show. 

Wearing huge black gladiator heels, black disco pants, a black lace crop top and sporting her signature sleek bob, the singer leans on the shoulder of a dreamy Danny O’Donoghue while fighting over a microphone. Tom Jones looks lovely in tweed (bless) while rocks some leather sleeves and oxblood studded boots.

It’s the very first shot of the judges from series two of the show, which hits BBC1 in a matter of weeks. 

Danny told us exclusively: “I can’t give you any names but the level of quality is even better this year and it’s more varied as well. We’ve got buskers, soul singers, piano players. A lot more musicians actually came on this year. 

“We’re trying to change the culture from being the ‘singer show’ to an ‘artist show’, so while it’s great if you’re a singer and can sing every name in the phone book and it sounds great – you can also be an all-round artist. This year we’re going to be concentrating on that.”

Sounds amazing! There’s also a new ‘knockout round’ and Danny tells us that it’s causing plenty of tension on the panel…

He said: “I get twelve contestants, then they get chopped down to six. But then the other judges are allowed to steal any of those acts away from me if they‘re like ‘What are you kicking them out for?’. There are knockout stages, judges stealing from other judges, and toys being thrown out of the pram if they haven’t got an artist.”


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Pic:  BBC/Wall To Wall/David Venni