Jessie J Is So Inspiring, Danny O’Donoghue Tells LOOK

The Script’s Danny O’Donoghue is as lovely in real life as he is on The Voice. When we bumped into him backstage at the BRITs nominations party last month, he was only too happy to pull up a chair and chat to us, dishing the dirt on series two of the BBC talent series, what it’s like working with Jessie J and which quote still gives him the giggles.

We also made complete fools of ourselves discussing horoscopes with the astronomy fan (astrology and astronomy are not the same thing, FYI) but that’s a whole other story…  

You’re nominated for Best International Group at this year’s BRIT Awards. Congrats! How does it feel?

It feels amazing! It’s nice to get a pat on the back from the industry. 

2012 was an incredible year for you – what were your highlights?

Hall Of Fame going to number one. We’ve had number one albums before but actually having a single do it was great. It’s three times platinum in the UK and it’s just gone number one in Germany and Austria. Plus all the places we’ve been touring have gone up from 10,000 to 16,000 to 25,000. The power of one song is amazing, we’re literally heading into the wall of fame ourselves! It’s really kicking ass.

We hear you’ve already started filming series two of The Voice. Give us some gossip!

We’ve finished filming the blind auditions which are the most exciting and important part of the show. We’ve shot that and it’ll be stretched out across a longer period. 

I get 12 contestants then they get chopped down to six. But then the other judges are allowed to steal any of those acts away from me if they‘re like ‘What are you kicking them out for?’. There’s knockout stages, judges stealing from other judges, and toys being thrown out of the pram if they haven’t got an artist. 

Sounds awesome! We’re so jealous you get to work with – what’s the best thing he’s ever said? 

“I don’t have tactics, I’ve got tic tacs. HOLLERRRRRRRRR.” 

What’s it like working with Jessie J?

Jessie J’s amazing. She’s just getting bigger and better and stronger. I love her, she’s so inspiring and to have a wonderful singer like that, someone who’s so so good around you all the time is great – you get really inspired by her.

Will you be recording a song together?

We’ve talked about working together, we talked about it on the first series. It just so happens that me and Will got into the studio together. But yeah, I can imagine her doing a song with Will, me doing a song with her, me and Tom doing a song… so you never know.

Have there been any acts this year that have completely blown you away?

I can’t give you any names but the level of quality is even better this year and it’s more varied as well. We’ve got buskers, soul singers, piano players. A lot more musicians actually came on this year. 

We’re trying to change the culture from being the ‘singer show’ to an ‘artist show’, so while it’s great if you’re a singer and can sing every name in the phone book and it sounds great – you can also be an all-round artist. This year we’re going to be concentrating on that.

How do your bandmates feel about you being a judge on The Voice?

They’re the ones that pushed me into it. We all sat down and said ‘Is this going to be good for the band?’ and decided, ‘Yeah, it is’. There’s no space for bands anymore – on the radio or on television – so I feel like it’s important to get not just The Script but just bands in general on television. 

Aside from The Voice, the BRIT Awards and marrying us, what are your plans for 2013?

We’ve kicked off the European leg of our tour, then straight after that we’re heading on our 28-day arena tour of the UK, then we shoot The Voice at the same time, then we fly to America and we do a 32-day tour with Train. That brings us up to Christmas and then we’re back in the studio working on album number four. It’s a big, mad, crazy year. RM