Jessie J: How She’ll Style Her Shaved Head

Jessie J has big plans for her newly-shaved head next year. The singer recently revealed that she’ll lose her locks to raise money for Red Nose Day in 2013 – and now her hairstylist has revealed that the pair have already discussed how they’ll style her new look.

“I’ve mentioned to her we can do some fun wigs to start with and play with colour in her shaved hair for a bit,” Lyndell Mansfield told Elle. “But to be honest I can’t wait to do some amazing short haircuts.”

She added: “She’s done the tough thing, she’s done the slick thing, she’s done the coloured wigs thing, she’s done the dip-dye thing, she’s done the fringe thing, she’s done no fringe, she’s done curly, she’s done straight. There’s nothing left, really, except for having short hair or a shaved head or dreadlocks, which I definitely won’t be giving her!”

Oh, go on – it’d be fun! Lyndell also said that she’s proud of the star for changing her image for charity. She said: “It’s a beautiful thing that she is doing it for charity, you know not many people do it out of choice, I was 19 when I shaved my hair and it was one of the most liberating things I’ve done.

“You know if you’ve been given that sort of power through your skill and you’ve got to a certain level where you can reach people then I think it’s a good thing to use it for positive reasons. I’m proud of her.”

Go, Jessie! RM