Jessie J Flaunts New Smartie Coloured Hair

Jessie J is somewhat of an experimentalist, and now the 25-year-old singer has dyed her short crop another colour of the rainbow – this time going for blue.

After shaving her head for Comic Relief in March, she showed Twitter followers that she has no regrets, having made the most of her ‘do by experimenting with all sorts of colours. The Do It Like A Dude singer showcased the new shade, tweeting “Blue hair don’t care… Just for today! Lol”.

Jessie, who has just announced that she is leaving The Voice UK to focus on her singing commitments, seems to be making the most of her newly found free time by changing up her locks and posting an array of selfies to her Heartbeats.

Although this shade is only for one day, having tried and tested blonde, then “Powaple” and “Blawoo”, we can’t help but wonder what colour she’ll have up her sleeve next? Maybe she’ll follow in the footsteps of Fearne and go pink, or Rihanna and try grey.

Whatever her next colour-crush, it’s made us want to reach for the hair mascara this weekend…

By Zoe Crook

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