Jessie J: 25 Reasons We Want To Be Her Friend!

Jessie J celebrates her 25th birthday today and to celebrate the singer’s special day we’ve come up with 25 reasons we’re dying to be her friend! From her incredible singing skills to her show-stopping wardrobe we want to be her new BFF and here’s why… Are you listening Jessie J?

1. She has a ridiculously cool wardrobe we could ‘borrow’ clothes from, just check out her eclectic fashion file below if you don’t believe us.

2. There might be a possibility of having Tom Jones round for dinner. Our Mum’s would love to meet him!

3. She loves to rock a catsuit, which means she’ll take hardly any time to get ready on our nights out.

4. She has an amazing wig collection – even more so since she lost her locks. Helloooooooo, wig parties.

5. She can text us all The Voice gossip after Saturday night’s show.

6. She knows all the words to Miley Cyrus‘ ‘Party In The USA’ for our karaoke sessions. Because she wrote it.

7. Justin Timberlake loves her. Which means if we make friends with her, he’ll have to love us too. It’s the law.

8. She could teach us to sing like a bloody pro so that we could form some sort of BBF girl group.

9. She’d have your back. You don’t want to mess with Jessie J and as long as we’re friends with her no one would dare tell us to get out of the VIP area.

10. Speaking of VIP areas – with Jessie J as our bessie mate think of all the parties, premieres and awards ceremonies we’d get to go to!

11. She could teach us how to make our hair as shiny as hers was (we suspect it’s one of her best kept secrets).

12. She could teach us how to dance like a gangsta (in a non humiliating way).

13. She’s tough; at the age of 18 she suffered a stroke but didn’t let it stop her following her dreams.

14. The girl shaved her head of Comic Relief! Everyone loves a good samaritan.

15. She always speaks her mind and what we really need is someone who’ll tell us when we’re about to make a major fashion disaster.

16. Jessie J LOVES her fans and is always talking about how they are the reason she’s made it. Stardom hasn’t gone to her head…

17. She’s a down to earth kind of girl. Sure we’d love the VIP treatment but sometimes you just want to kick back with some ice cream and gossip about your cute next door neighbour.

18. She has 6,376,381 followers on Twitter and once we get her to #FF us so will we!

19. She’s got a great sense of humour: “People are always coming up to me on the street and asking me if it [her hair] is a wig. I say ‘yeah, yeah, you can buy it down Hamley’s’.”.

20. Jessie J might be loaded but she still loves Topshop which means we can go on shopping trips together.

21. She’s mega creative and writes awesome lyrics – *sings out of tune* “So you think you know me now?”

22. She can teach us how to wear bright red lipstick without looking like a clown.

23. Jessie J‘s playing V Festival this year. Can you say free tickets? 

24. She went to the famous BRIT school and so can probably put us in touch with other graduate and female superstar Adele.

25. Her second album is nearly finished and being her friend we’d get to hear it before anyone else! What more reason do we need? LO