Jessica Ennis Would Love To Appear On X Factor!

Jessica Ennis made the nation SO proud during the Olympics that we’ve missed her from our TV screens, but now she’s agreed that she’d love to take on a mentoring role on The X Factor!

The athlete was asked by Lorraine Kelly about the rumours that she, Sir Chris Hoy and Bradley Wiggins may make an appearance on the show, and Jessica said:

“This is definitely news to me but it sounds like a brilliant idea. I’m a massive fan of X Factor so we’ll see. Obviously before the Olympics I was just training so hard and making sure that I didn’t miss anything so I had to turn a lot of things down and say no to things that I would loved to have done at the time. And now I can just relax now that I’ve got this medal and I can enjoy myself a bit now.”

She certainly looked like she was enjoying Saturday night primetime in this pic from The Jonathan Ross Show! We have a feeling she’ll be a lot nicer on X Factor than Mel B… BS