Jessica Ennis: I’m In My Best Shape Ever!

Jessica Ennis has spoken exclusively to LOOK about her body, love life and exactly how she’ll spend her earnings in this week’s issue.

And we can confirm, she’s just as lovely as she appears on TV! Talking about her gold medal win to our acting entertainment editor, Emma Ledger, she said: “I was completely taken aback by the whole experience. It was incredible. Winning in London surpassed anything I could ever dream of. And it’s been a whirlwind ever since!”

Here at LOOK, we’re obsessed with the Olympian’s incredible abs – but it seems even Jess gets a little celebrity body envy now and again – just like us. She said: “I can’t believe how much that’s talked about. But I would say I’m in my best shape ever now.”

She added: “My body is my tool and enables me to do what I do. But obviously all women look at other women, in the public eye or just walking around, and think: ‘Oh, I wish I had hair like hers’. I think Jessica Alba has a lovely figure and is so pretty.”

What a compliment! Read the full interview in this week’s issue, on sale now. RM