Jessica Chastain: “Tom Hardy Is A Kitten”

Jessica Chastain plays Tom Hardy‘s love interest in new movie Lawless, and she’s been talking about what it’s like to work with the British hottie. We’re a bit jealous.

Since playing Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, Tom’s had a reputation for being a bit scary, but Jessica told The Hollywood Reporter that he’s nothing like that at all:

“My favourite thing is, I work actually with a lot of men that you would think at first impression would be kind of scary… What I love so much about these men is that they are very strong, and they have this almost aggressive vibe, but it’s because they have this intense vulnerability, that they have to be very strong to protect themselves. So it’s actually, once you get to know them, you realise they’re all kittens. At the end of the day, they’re like kittens.”

When asked if Tom would agree with her assessment, she said: “I think he would actually, if you said that to him, he would go ‘Yes I’m a kitten.’ He would agree with me.” Bless!

You can catch Lawless at cinemas from September 7th! BS